“We highly recommend Danielle! My 8 year old daughter has worked with Danielle over the past several months to address her myofunctional needs and has accomplished significant improvements during that time. Danielle is kind, organized and extremely knowledgeable. She has been very helpful in maintaining consistent communication with my daughter’s dentist and orthodontist to allow for a proper full team approach. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Danielle, both for myself and my daughter.” -KC

“Danielle is absolutely amazing. We started our 9 yr old daughter’s therapy with Danielle in April of this year. Due to COVID, we had to start our visits online thru teletherapy. I was skeptical at first that video appointment would be successful but I was wrong. It worked SO well and my daughter learned so much. Danielle is so easy to talk to and my daughter looked forward to her appointment’s. Once we were able to see Danielle in office , we were both super excited to meet her in person and our sessions just continued to grow from there. Our daughter now breathes thru her nose !! And amazingly her tonsils have decreased in size as well. If your on the search for a great myofunctional therapist, Danielle is the one!” -KF

“Two of my children, ages 8 and 15, just finished their Myofunctional Therapy with Danielle Klee. She came highly recommended from their orthodontist and the dentist who did their tongue-tie releases. For my 15 year old, Myofunctional Therapy was the concluding step post-braces to ensure her tongue maintains the orthodontia work and to instill healthy tongue placement and breathing to last her lifetime. With just one initial evaluation we had a strategic plan to effectively and efficiently accomplish these goals. It was at this appointment that I quickly realized my son could benefit from Myofunctional Therapy as well. Danielle also helped my daughter prepare and recover from her tongue-tie release. For my 8 year old, this therapy came prior to getting an ALF appliance and a tongue-tie release to expand his palate and promote proper tongue placement to help the midsection of his face grow correctly and for his jaw to have room for his permanent teeth. Within two weeks of starting therapy I could tell the difference in my son’s face and position of his teeth–this was pre-ALF appliance! Even an extended family member who sees my son every few weeks commented on the change! Danielle is extremely knowledgeable, has a warm and loving approach to helping her patients, and provides a wealth of resources to assist with therapy. I really appreciated her communicating with the orthodontist and dentist to ensure both my children were getting the right care, treatment, and exercises at the right time. Her office is clean; she’s punctual, and respects your time, effort, and investment in therapy. I really can’t say enough about her–she’s wonderful!” – TA

“We STRONGLY recommend Danielle Klee. Our 22 year old son, was in the process of being evaluated for his second set of braces when the orthodontist referred him for Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy based on a diagnosis of mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, tethered oral tissues and an atypical oral rest tongue posture. Through a few short months of therapy with Danielle our son has experienced a REMARKABLE level of improvement. We appreciate Danielle’s dedicated, passionate, and thorough therapy. Danielle’s guidance and education have made a POSITIVE IMPACT on our family. The benefits of Myofunctional Therapy are far reaching!” -JB

“I’m so grateful for the amazing support I received from Danielle. Her kindness and encouragement coupled with her extensive knowledge in the field of Myofunctional Therapy helped me to significantly improve my symptoms- primarily sleep disrupting snoring. After several weeks of education and exercises, I found myself (and my husband) sleeping more soundly. I’m so grateful to have learned just how much of an impact proper oral posture has on the rest of the body. I highly recommend Danielle for anyone desiring to improve their overall health through the work of Myofunctional Therapy.” -MS

“Danielle was so great to work with. I really appreciate all of her knowledge, patience and care. I’m 40 and with her help have been able learn how to have proper tongue posture and change my tongue thrust. I worked with her pre tongue tie release and after and have learned a lot from her about how to manage my life long jaw issues.” -RA

“Danielle is thoroughly one of the most knowledgeable and kind professionals I have ever been a patient for. After my first (tongue tie) surgery without Myofunctional Therapy I experienced a very painful and stressful reattachment. Before my second revision surgery I was referred to Danielle. She was incredible at bringing awareness to what was going on with the muscles in my mouth. She guided me through exercises and was always noting my progress and reassessing where I can make changes for improvement. After my second revision surgery I now have better mouth habits and tongue posture with practically zero reattachment. The only thing I wish was different in this whole process is if I was referred to Danielle sooner rather than later by my Dentist. She has saved me so much pain and needless suffering. Thank you!” -AF

“My 17 y/o daughter and I wanted to pursue a non-surgical approach to treat her misaligned jaw that altered her facial growth over a span of 3 yrs. Her orthodontist recommended myofunctional therapy as one component of her overall comprehensive treatment plan since many of my daughter’s problems are interconnected, leading to her facial asymmetry and a Class 3 malocclusion. Upon my daughter’s orthodontist’s referral, we decided to employ MYO therapy with Danielle Klee (Klee Speech Language Pathology, Inc.). After our initial meeting with Danielle, my daughter and I were totally impressed with her. Not only is she extremely professional, knowledgeable and sharp, but she’s also very personable and quite skilled at guiding my daughter through MYO therapy exercises that are highly effective. Below is my daughter’s review of her experience with Danielle.” -MS

“My experience with MYO has been excellent. I now understand how bad habits can alter our structural development and why it is necessary to learn new habits that target the facial muscles when chewing and swallowing. Even though I do not have many of the painful symptoms related to TMD, I do have all the fingerprints for it to become worse in the future. In particular, I had poor tongue posture and poor nasal breathing due to allergies, which led to becoming a mouth breather. This then caused my maxilla to not grow sufficiently, resulting in a developmental abnormality of my upper jaw and an unbalanced, elongated face. Danielle’s broad knowledge in MYO and her holistic approach has made a significant impact on my overall treatment, health, and well-being over the past few months. Specific oral exercises she encouraged me to do have enabled me to solve my current problems (ie proper rest oral/tongue posture, eliminating my tongue thrust, ensuring lips living together at all times). As I continue practicing my new habits where it becomes second nature, I’ll be able to adjust easier and accordingly while I proceed with my orthodontic treatments and to avoid potential jaw joint problems later on. She is easy to work with, whether in person or virtual, and can detect the smallest changes in progress made as well as any slight setbacks that will not escape her notice. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who’s going through a similar case as mine or other jaw disorders, in addition to any other conditions requiring strengthening the tongue or reinforcing the proper position of the tongue to rest where it needs to be in the mouth. Danielle has been a fantastic teacher! She is accomplished and dedicated to helping her patients achieve the kind of results that will benefit them for their specific situation.” -SS

“Our seven year old daughter just completed Danielle’s Two Thumbs Up program. From the moment I met Danielle I knew she was going to be the perfect person to support us and our daughter as she worked to end her sucking habit. Danielle is warm, caring, encouraging, compassionate, thorough and knowledgeable. We are so thankful for her positive approach and how much we have learned along the way!” -NB

“I worked with Danielle to help balance out my tongue and jaw issues. Danielle was always professional and tailored the sessions to my specific needs. She really helped me understand the exercises. Not only what to do but why and the importance of implementing these new techniques in my day to day life. I feel like I am able to finally take control of my neck, face, and upper chest pain thanks to Danielle’s coaching. If your thinking about trying out myo therapy, but are unsure if it will help you. Danielle would be a great place to start!” -KH

“I had such a wonderful experience working with Danielle! I had never heard of Myofunctional Therapy before being recommended for it by my periodontist after years of extensive dental work, braces, etc… I am in my late 20s and wasn’t sure what could be done because of my age, So I had no idea what to expect the depth of Danielle’s knowledge was amazing! She was able to recommend books, Ted Talks, & other resources to further my own knowledge and understanding. She was receptive to my point of view, responded quickly to my emails, & was very kind and personable in our sessions. I was very pleased with my progress, the improvements were more than I expected, and I would highly recommend her!” -SS

“I highly recommend Danielle to anyone that is considering and needing Myofunctional therapy. Our daughter Naya, age 4, was diagnosed with a tongue trust and we started working with Danielle few months ago. I didn’t know what to expect and felt a bit nervous at first, but Danielle made the whole process so much easier than I expected. She is very knowledgeable, passionate about what she does and truly dedicated to help her patients. She is also very warm, positive, gentle, kind and genuine. Danielle made Naya very comfortable and she was looking forward to her therapy appointments with so much excitement. Naya just graduated from her therapy after few short months and we are blown away by how much improvement she has made. We are so happy that we found Danielle and so grateful for all that she has done for us.” -TB

“I just wanted to share our experience with an amazing person who has helped our family, more specifically Greyson, in the last few months. Over the last few years, Greyson has been struggling with on and off neck pain. What started as very sporadic moments of pain every few months began to culminate to daily reports of pain, much needed massages at the end of the day, waking in the morning and having his neck crack/click, treating with Motrin and ice and sometimes moments of tears (especially for mama as it was hard to see him uncomfortable more times than not). After visits to the pediatrician, chiropractor, physical therapy, and even tongue tie releases last summer we finally found our saving grace working with Danielle Klee, Speech Pathologist & Myofunctional Therapist. Danielle is amazing with children and her work with Greyson in just a couple of months resulted in Greyson having nearly 100% freedom from neck pain. We just survived a 4 hour car trip to/from Vegas without Greyson reporting any neck pain or need for Motrin or Tylenol, which would not have happened 3 months ago. I can’t thank her enough and recommend her to any family in need of SLP services and/or myofunctional work. I am also extremely proud of Greyson for working so hard on daily exercises and mindfulness of his treatment interventions.” -DO

“Danielle has been such a gift! I have learned such helpful techniques to address my chronic mouth breathing. She is a wealth of knowledge and has the warmest personality—which always put me right as ease. Can’t recommend her highly enough!” -GB

“Danielle is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate clinician. Her treatment approach is non-invasive, highly effective, and truly life changing.” -KS

“Danielle is amazing! We were referred to her by our orthodontist for my daughter’s tongue thrusting and the change in her eight weeks of treatment has been impressive! I definitely feel that we have been under the care of a professional who knows exactly what to do to help resolve these types of issues. But beyond all of that, Danielle is an EXTREMELY warm, kind and gentle person. She has been so positive with my daughter and so enthusiastic about her progress. Great professional and great person!” -CG

“Danielle was an absolute pleasure to work with! We hired her to help our 8 year old with a tongue tie he was recently diagnosed with. She was so gentle and kind with our child whom she was treating as well as as our other 2 that were around. She graciously listened to all the rabbit trails our child went on and still achieved the therapy that was needed. She was able to speak in clear ways our child understood and give appropriate exercises for him to perform for therapy. We are now at the end of our treatment and our child is very sad the therapy sessions are coming to an end. I was skeptical at first because no one had ever said our son had a tongue tie. Our dentist referred us to Danielle. Her evaluation was thorough and she was able to answer all of my questions (I had quite a few). I’m so thankful for everything she has accomplished with our child and the difference this will make for him in the future. If you’re on the fence, just meet with her and give her the opportunity to share her knowledge with you. You will be so glad you did.” -ND

“Professional and precise, Danielle Klee incorporates the most recent research and developments in her field. As a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine and fellow health care practitioner, my experience with Danielle was beneficial, educational, and helpful. The jaw pain experienced decreased 8o% within the first 6 weeks. The tools and exercises taught are able to be utilized continuously. During the time period of COvid19 and the shelter in place, Danielle smoothly transitioned into private telehealth video conferencing and I had the same wonderful experience via video conference as I did at her office. The myofunctional field is fortunate to have Danielle Klee, MA, CCC-SLP.” -MG

“Danielle is a warm and competent professional. Her confident and reassuring manner has guided me thru exercises to correct my current health concerns. It has been great to work with her. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone that is considering speech or Myofunctional Therapy.” -SC

“I first want to start out by saying I am so grateful to have found Danielle. I have been struggling with TMD for about 6 years now. I am 24 years old and have tried many methods to relive pain but nothing really worked until Myofunctional Therapy. Danielle is a wealth of knowledge and always reassured me that I could change my habits even as an adult. I have been a mouth breather my whole live due to asthma and a deviated septum. I did not know how important it was to nasal breath! Danielle truly cares for her patients. She helped me every step of the way and even recommended things that could help me outside of Myofunctional Therapy. She could relate to me on a personal level because she had dealt with similar issues in her past. I am excited to continue to improve my breathing and decrease my jaw pain. Thank you Danielle!” -VP

“Danielle is amazing. She took my 4 year old son, who was an avid thumbsucker on Jan 3, 2020, and in 29 days has led him on a journey to completely stop sucking his thumb. She has so many tools in her program, from a wealth of information for mom and dad to a plethora of positive reinforcement exercises for your child. She even called my son every morning for 10 days to check on him and see if he had sucked his thumb that night. She is excellent with the kids and she even included my son’s little sister in treatment so she didn’t feel left out. Little sis was a big supporter and so she got prizes, too for supporting my son. I’m an orthodontist and I could not get my son to stop on his own. Danielle did it in 29 days. She’s so passionate and cerebral about her approach as well. Her office space is beautiful as well and conveniently located just off Encinitas BLVD. She can also help with tongue thrusting and a host of other poor oral posture issues.” -JS

“In the 7 weeks of working with Danielle, I’ve seen some big changes. Prior to meeting with her, my TMJ pain was around 5-7 (bone on bone according to imaging). I also had little to no control of my mouth, and would thrust when I drank water or ate. My tongue sat at the bottom, versus at the roof of my mouth. I essentially didn’t breathe, eat, or drink correctly. I’m also tongue and lip tied, so my holistic dentist required me seeing an OMT prior to moving forward with my procedure. I’m really glad I was referred to Danielle by both Dr. Mai and Dr. Yu. My TMJ pain has decreased to 0-3 (virtually nothing). The commitment to the exercises really pays off, as my tongue mostly sits at the roof of my mouth now, and I rarely thrust when I eat, or drink. Even my face/lip shape has changed for the better. I can’t wait for my frenectomies to further help, and thanks to Danielle, I feel even more confident moving forward with them. Thank you!” –CK

“My 9 YO son started seeing Danielle after a recommendation from his ortho upon receiving an A.L.F appliance for soft palette expansion. He had a crowded mouth due to a previously undiagnosed dairy allergy which caused a narrow palate and mouth breathing. Danielle started her series of treatments to train his tongue and lips how to function properly.  He has learned how to breathe through his nose, how to strengthen his tongue to help widen his upper palate and how to relax his chin muscle so it doesn’t fight the expansion of the appliance.

I am so appreciative of Danielle’s expertise of myofunctional therapy and her amazing upbeat and motivating teaching style. My son looks forward to their chats. This is exactly the kind of therapy that will be a valuable investment into your kids or your personal well being for life. I’m so happy we found Danielle!” -AM

“For years I was dealing with headaches, facial pain, jaw pain, neck pain, and back pain. I had tightness and throbbing in my arms and legs, trouble falling asleep and chewing and swallowing difficulties too. I noticed that after almost every week of doing the exercises that those symptoms would gradually fade away. Danielle is very nice and informative. She explained the exercises and demonstrated them as well. I’m glad that I found out about her. I fully recommend Danielle to anyone dealing with similar symptoms I was.” -LB

“When I first met Danielle, the topic of TMJ and jaw pain came up and she relayed a wealth of valuable information and resources to help address pain and neuromuscular patterns. Having had extensive jaw pain, jaw instability, past TMJ and other injuries, I’ve been on a journey to understand and solve these problems. After a few months of research, the opportunity opened up to set up an evaluation with her. I have been very impressed with how she explains information very clearly and gives honest feedback, while tailoring a specific plan for your exact situation. Since I started working with her about a month and half ago, I’ve noticed substantial improvement in my posture, jaw stability, feeding and swallowing movements, sleep and breathing and an overall reduction in pain. The most important aspect is the knowledge and skills she helps you learn to be able to maintain improvement over the long term. So far, results have far surpassed my expectations and I feel more prepared to be able to continue my health journey. I would highly recommend setting up an evaluation with Danielle if you have any pain or jaw problems bothering you!” –TP

“Danielle works with my three year old son, Parker, and one year old daughter, Kamryn. She successfully helped Parker quit his several-year thumb-sucking habit in just one month. Her program was thorough, systematic, and informed by cutting edge child psychology. It was a fun experience for Parker with a celebratory party at the end. Parker is now working with Danielle on his speech sounds and is improving quickly. He absolutely loves Danielle, who has an outstanding ability to engage kids and create an enjoyable and motivating environment. My daughter Kamryn has a rare genetic condition called Kabuki syndrome, which includes speech and feeding issues. Danielle’s expertise in speech development, feeding, and myofunctional therapy have been a gamechanger for Kamryn. They’ve worked together since Kamryn was a few months old and have a very special relationship. Kamryn lights up when she sees Danielle and responds especially well to Danielle’s interventions in speech and feeding. Danielle has helped us implement chewing exercises to promote Kamryn’s jaw and facial development. With Danielle’s assistance, Kamryn has learned successfully to handle more complex food textures. And I’ve watched Kamryn have speech breakthroughs, recognizing and identifying colors and animals, as well as performing sign language, under Danielle’s guidance. Danielle is a very special and well-rounded practitioner, and my family is lucky to work with her.” –BTT

“Danielle has been more than professional and helpful in this journey and I couldn’t be more thankful! My sleep and energy has been through the roof with the help of Danielle’s work. She explains things in a very easy and understandable way which allowed for my success in her program. Highly recommend to anyone seeking this as you wont be disappointed with Danielle’s abilities!” – BB

“Danielle has been working with my daughter for a couple of months. She has been amazing. She is very knowledgeable and has a great program that has helped my daughter to change the way she eats, etc. My daughter no longer has a tongue thrust and she was fully prepared for her frenectomy to correct a tongue tie. Her week by week exercises allowed my daughter to become familiar and to build over time. Danielle is so sweet and positive that my daughter and I always look forward to her appointments.” -SP

“I have never had TMJ, a tongue thrust, or jaw pain, but following extensive dental surgeries and chewing on one side for an extended period of time, I found myself in pain, with an unbalanced bite.  I hadn’t realized that I had started compensating in chewing and swallowing.  Danielle  evaluated my situation, and developed a plan for me to begin to start using the side of my mouth that was still not able to fully chew, in order to balance the motion in my mouth.  She also worked with me to help correct my tongue posture and to focus on my swallowing.  Danielle is passionate about helping others on their health journey.  She was helpful in recommending other health care professionals to me, who can serve to support the whole patient.  Danielle is well organized, and is extremely knowledgeable.  She was able to help navigate me through issues I was having with some of the exercises to fit my personal situation.  I am grateful to be working with Danielle and I know that her focus is on my achieving a pain free place where I can live and enjoy my life.” -DLT

“Several months ago my biological  dentist tested me and found I have lots of mouth issues like cavitations, poor tongue posture, and bone loss in my jaw, as well as a strong tongue-tie. He recommended I see a myofunctional therapist as a first course of action. I had never heard of that but did some research and found Danielle who was fairly close to me and had some great reviews. After a quick response from my first call, I found her to be energetic and passionate and very knowledgeable about her field. I’ve been seeing her for a couple of months and must say that she knows her field! By doing the exercises daily, I am strengthening my tongue and improving my swallowing ability (I was aware I had an issue with this before finding out about my other issues). I was really fearful of swallowing pills! I will still need the cavitation surgery and possible the frenulum corrected, but she is really getting me prepared as best I can by helping me to correct what I can beforehand. Danielle is a great therapist and also has wonderful resources to help. I highly recommend her.” -KS


“Danielle helped my 14 year old son with a lisp and provided step by step expert guidance for his tongue tie. She is very knowledgeable and my son felt very comfortable with her. A great experience overall. I would definitely recommend her!!” -JT